Shadow of the Elves

Session 0

THANDOS the half (wood) elf, Lazy GOOBER the high elf and the dark elf Pelail'ro NERYS are called to the court of the elves in the wood elf city to be given their first assignment as Binders, an ancient position of honor but also one of heavy duty, as it requires the individuals to live beyond the serene and perfect homes of the elves. High councillor TELARA of the wood elves informed the Binders that they would bring half of an ancient agreement to the nearby village of HOMMLET and have it joined with the other half in the possession of the humans there, renewing the pact of non aggression between the wood elves and the human kingdom. Councillor SELANE, distant cousin to THANDOS warned him of the danger of his task. NERYS' soon to be sister in law chastised her in front of Nerys' brother. GOOBER was provided a scroll to summon a horse after she demanded one from the council, but it was not as it seemed. BARAVIUS, her jilted ex fiancee, arranged for her to receive a faulty scroll.

A wood elf LETHALIN, guarding the waystone, entrance to the elves magical roads allowing near instant transport between stones, flirted with NERYS. He told her of Lord TOLBEN of HOMMLET.

The binders arrived to a quiet wood, followed by a loud roar and fought fleeing wolves. 


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